The 1.8l engine has started using a lot of oil, there is no oil leak. on 2012 Honda Civic

the enging can use up to 5l of oil for 10000 km . the car is driven 50000km

warranty at dealer
Hi does any one know if when the compture on the car shows " oil low" is it recorded so it shows when the compture is down loaded
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How many MILES between oil changes? Auto or manual trans? NOT an Si model , right?
service is done according to the ob compture. engine also does not seem to run smooth
As globalhelper stated.......before it's to late , have you brought it back to the dealer for inspection? The reason I asked to be sure that it wasn't an Si model(2.4L engine) , is because they do have a bulletin out on those , for oil consumption.
It has been to dealer but they seem not to want to belive the engine is using so much oil. do you know if the onbord compture records each time the low oil warning is given. btw the car is in Finland