Q: "Service Stability Sys" light and bell go off, and ABS pumping action engages on 2004 Cadillac DeVille DTS

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on clear dry roadway, causing hard pull to the left. Also, when braking at highway speeds, get strong vibration in steering wheel, although rotors have been replaced and turned more than once, which only remedies problem for 2 to 4 weeks before problem begins again. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you. - Keith
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Have the RIGHT side(pass. side)brake checked for caliper sticking, or the like,overheating and causing pull to the LEFT.
Replace rotor(s) as needed, turning just takes away presious metal to dissipate heat!
Be SURE wheels are properly torqued. Use the premium pads also. IS ABS LIGHT ON? Or does it come and go?
Answer 1, is the first thing to do anytime lights come on.
Thanks. I will have the R side brake checked and also ask that the wheels be checked for proper torque. The ABS light comes and goes, usually every couple of days.
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