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Its happened the last 3 times I put it into reverse. A month ago my car had other symptoms my brother thought was my EGR valve. With my foot off the gas, my car was staying at 38 mph by it self. It was also sputtering when braking to a stop. Almost stalling. That symptom went away. My EGR valve has been replaced twice within a year already. My car has 170,000 miles on it approximately.
tryed to jump it and still nothing
I have changed the plugs wires cleaned coil contacts and plug idles great till you put it in gear then idles terribly
I did a lot of driving today in extreme heat. I was in a lot of stop and go traffic and the fan kept coming on because I would be sitting in traffic for a long period of time. My car is old but it was running fine in the morning when the heat wasn't that bad yet. By the afternoon my car started to give a loud clunking sound when I would drive, specifically when I tried to accelerate. My car was extremely hot and my car does tend to burn oil. Thank goodness, I made it home and now I am letting the car get completely cool, for maybe 4 hours or so. Hopefully the car will be okay once its been cooled down. Any ideas on what might be triggering the clunking noise would be greatly appreciated.
Car has 245,000 miles but I have always taken good care of car. No check engine light has come on. I took it to a mechanic and he said it was bad spark plugs due to bad gas so he changed them. Car was okay for a little bit and then I had the same problem again. Took car back to mechanic and he said it was now water on the spark plugs so he changed again. Car was okay for a little now I am having the same problem again and now it is worse. There is also hesitation upon accelerating. I think the problem is more than just bad spark plugs. I even changed the gas station I go to. A new Chevron gas station and I use 91 gas all the time. But the problem persists.
i just want to know only because when i took my car to a shop recently they told me after the fact that they have never worked on saturn's, so it was basically a waste of my money & time.
Replaced Starter. Replaced battery because it was about time for a new one. Checked fuses.Replaced CPS,Fuel pump runs when key turned.Tested spark to all spark plugs. Think it was 12.5 ohms on all injectors. Cylinders should be flooded after sensor test but L134R were completely dry. 2 being damp. Seems 134 have 1/4 gas in the injector electrical connectors. Dried them and tried. Injectors get approx 0mv sitting / 100mv with key to on position / and 250mv while cranking. Belt rotates momentarily during starting attempt. Fuel test port has gas but got to get a gauge. I hear the starter turn for about 2 sec when the engine cranks or not. hmm
Replaced Starter, has voltage to starter, Battery is new and new CPS ,Disconnected Coolent Sensor.Fuel pressure good at pressure valve. New Spark plugs and wires are fairly new. Got shocked on the right coil during start using meter and touching ground with palm,opps. So I would say that side is good. Not going to do the other that way ;p. Got to check for flooded plugs and see if my brother set the gap on the plugs. Going to try starter fluid to see if it helps after lots of trying to start the darn thing. Gonna pull plugs and clear chambers first. Muffler moves a little during crank. No smoke no dripping fule or oil.
car runs ok for month or two then starts sputtering and losing power. Egr valve has soot in it.
They jumped the car yesterday and let it run for about 30 minutes. It over heated and know there is no power to the cab. I have load tested the battery, it is good. Checked the fuses under the hood, all are good and have power. Checked and cleaned the terminals to the starter, have power there but won't start. I didn't get any power to the inside fuse box. Ground on tester may have bad connection. Any guidance?
On an older car, are you suppose to have the coolant flushed more that once every 2 years? I went to Duke of Oil for an oil change and they said the coolant service was necessary as the engine could crack or cracks could happen in other areas. I told them it had been done just a year ago, but, they insisted it was needed. Did I just get scammed or because the car is 16 years old it was necessary? They showed me a tube of the coolant and it didn't look murky or cloggy looking.
I put a whole bottle of coolant this month because it kept running out of it. I just forgot to mix with water. Did this create the problem?
im trying to replace the old head gasket because when i got the car it looked as if it sat in a lot for a while and i would rather have a new one so i can run it at higher speeds if i so choose.
Where is the valve and can it be cleaned to solve this problem?
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