2000 Pontiac Sunfire Questions

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The fan for the a/c rattled loud an it blew cold air ,an it just quit. I checked the fuses an it wasnt burnt. An my liter stopped to an it was working fine
My pontiac sunfires lights stopped working i checked the bulbs and connections but nothibg seems to be wrong. If it is the relay fuse where is it located and how many fuses or fuse boxes do i need to check?
The car runs decent. Sometimes it act it has a slow ideal on take off. But if u turn the Ac or heat on it dies
in the middle of the nite the horn just started blowing for no was locked and not broken into.. we pressd horn to stop the blowin and now it doesn't work at all.. I had brought it in and was told there was a short and that the whole horn pad assembly needs to be changed.. how does one change this without paying an arm and leg at a mechanical repair shop... my dad is familiar with car mechanics but is a lil older and hasn't wkd on Pontiacs...please help ... I found a used horn assembly to save money as I am a single mother ... he just wants to know the easiest way and to make sure he doesn't have to take apart dashboard and or go through hassles of motor..thanks in advance
I'm putting a motor out of a 99 s-10 into a 2000 Pontiac sunfire and had to change the plates to be able to put My coil packs on the head instead of on the side of the block. When doing so, I need to replace the casket and don't know what it is called. Thank you
How do I fix it?
How MUCH for the part? and what part do I need ? Its the medal piece to hold up exhaust pipe
the transmission only shifts at high rpms. what is the possible causes?
I replaced the cooling fan last week and in my city there is a lot of construction. I hit a wall in traffic again and cranked the heat up when it got about 6 hash marks above normal. I'm thinking the hum is from the belt and it may be a water pump issue. Revved it in park and it was humming then as well so not the tranny as it wasn't engaged at that point. Thanks for the help.
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