Q: No pressure in both radiator hoses coolant smoked an melted resivior on 1990 Ford F-350

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Had just put my plow on went bout 30 miles on highway and smoke started to pour out of coolant over flow tank. Stopped and checked it the cover blew off. I made a make shift one and got about another 10 miles and the top radiator hose blew off! Fixed that and got another 10 miles before it was pour smoke everywhere, complete white out. There was no pressure in top or bottom hoses and top was hot bottom was stone Cold. Is this a bad head or could it b something as simple as a thermostat.... Mind u my temp gage doesn't work but truck was fine for the 70mile trip to go get the plow... FYI it's a 89 f350 7.3 diesel turbo! Thanks for ur advice!!!!
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Plow blocking air flow to radiator? Ok going to get plow, put plow on, now overheating! Just saying.
Would make sense but there was no pressure in top or bottom radiator hoses the top one was so hot it ended up blowing off and the bottom was stone cold... Oh plus the fact the very last thing I heard was almost like a knocking noise...
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