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Q: My fuel gauge drops to empty after 200 miles but I have half a tank of fuel left on 2004 Honda Odyssey

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I replaced the complete sending unit/pump in the tank and the fuel gauge in the dash but the problem is still there. Any ideas?
First question....Was it a Honda part , or aftermarket? Second...can be scanned (need scanner with HONDA software) to see what the sending unit is reading , probably best when just over 1/2 tank , based on your description. Preferably a reading showing percentage rather than volts (just easier to perceive)Post results , I might have more questions to help you with.///////////////////////////////////////////// OTHER option....since it's pretty easy access , pull access cover and re-check plug (pin terminal connections) CAREFULLY for signs of corrosion on ANY pin on pump or plug side and clean as needed. Moisture and corrosion in there was a problem on the odysseys' for those years. They did have a recall for that condition. Corrosion would cause increased resistance in the affected circuit , causing a faulty reading. Good luck.
I used all OEM parts from Lute Riley Honda in Richardson. I checked the plug with 4 wires underneath but will pop the inside cover again and double check the connection there. So far everything looked clean and shiny. I am in San Miguel, Mexico with the van but will try to get a % scan. Thanks.
IF the connections are all clean , then you might recheck installation- pull unit ,enough for inspection of float , with key in on position , move float full range while some one else is watching gauge , that may narrow down the problem area (use caution PLEASE).
I tried to move the float w/ girlfriend watching but she said it seemed to go all the way up and all the way down. Hard to get it up enough to work the float and stop half-way to see if the gauge showed empty! Note: This is the exact same problem I had before I replaced the pump assb'y and the gauge so I am thinking it is a wiring problem somewhere - just not sure where as the two connectors I looked at were perfect - zero corrosion. Thanks for your answers - if I ever figure it out I will post the solution!!!
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