Is the brake switch somehow able to impact acceleration? on 2012 Ford Focus

Brake lights were on. Traced to excessive play on the brake pedal. When driving with this condition, the engine would not allow acceleration. Is there a connection?

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Why are you working on a new car? Seems like warranty should cover this one!
Agree, but if it is as simple as adjusting the brake switch (which we validated by "holding the brake in position with left foot"), then I would just as soon save a trip to the shop. I am looking to see if there is a logic, such as ABS, or Cruise Control, etc, that uses the switch input as a part of the logic. If no answer, I will be taking it to the shop.
Well try adjusting the switch to see if it helps! I am sure if the brake lights are on all the time it has to effect performance.
Especially after that Toyota fiasco!
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seek warranty at dealer, if you work on anything it may cause them to say you caused it
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