Q: Improper thermostat installation cause of damaged heater core? on 2008 Suzuki SX4

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2008 with 44,000 miles. Car was running hot, and took to garage who diagnosed the thermostat and replaced it. Picked the car up on day one - still running hot. Returned on day two and was told there might be an air pocket....they flushed and we took the car home and parked it. Drove approximately 7 miles on day three, when anti freeze began spurting out of the lower heater vents and completely saturated the front and back carpets. Had the car towed back to the garage and was told now the heater core was damaged. Obviously. Was faulty installation more likely the cause of this? I believe the damage to the heater core occurred on day one.
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Most thermostat set-ups do not allow for 'improper' installation. Which happened first ? the over-heating or the thermostat replacement.--- Damage was probably done prior to thermostat replacement but didn't show til after. If you don't work on cars , you won't understand a longer explanation , so I won't bore you.
I suspect the thermostat was not the original cause of it running hot and what was causing the running hot has also caused the heater core problem. Possibly a bad water pump impeller, cooling fan, etc.
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