I have a mitsibishi galant07 the valve where you add feron has a leak. on 2007 Mitsubishi Galant

can it be repair and how much will it cost. I have to keep adding freon to keep the aircondition working will it be expensive to fix.

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some times you can clean port as long as ther is no freon in system or reconnect the gauges a couple of times and see if that works. i have had good luck doing that
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Not sure about Fla. , but in the D.C. Metro area , you can expect to pay from $95.00-$195.00 ,for A/C system evacuate and re-charge with dye(use dye in case there is a leak elsewhere).I've had two in the last year and a half that were seeping from the factory. Seen several others over the years with a valve leaking.More than half had other problems in the system , so be prepared for what you can't see as well as the valve you can see.Good luck.
that depends on whats leaking
the valve when you open to put freon there is a leak there so the freon escapes.
Most of the time the valve can be replaced. Does the valve look like a schraeder valve (tire valve)?
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