Q: I changed my battery now when I turned on the air it cut off why on 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer

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When I changed the battery and on the air the truck stop it will drive without the air. So I took it to auto zone and put it the computer map sincer pop up changes that it do same thing
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It has forgot how to idle due to battery swap! It will fix itself, just let it run awhile, turn on ac ect. There is an idle relearn but it will perform this on it's own. Be patient! Don' put any more parts on until you drive it some. Now if you need the relearn after running and driving it, let us know but it should be ok!
Ok. I done just now it stay on then it amin then it cut off n a light pop up daid chang gases and low on fuel. What should I do now and how much gases cost
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