Q: How to reset the ignition key after replacing instrument digital cluster? on 1998 Cadillac DeVille

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The instrument digital cluster was removed and replaced with another one from another car, and the vehicle would not start
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If you still have the original cluster, call a GM dealer with the info. on the unit and talk to the parts department. Thay can fix you right up!
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Your car has the Pass-Key 2 system. You cannot re-set it to lean a different key resistance. The first time the vehicle is started the cluster turns on and it automatically learns the Pass Key value that it detects and that can not be changed. No matter what module serves as the Pass Key module, they are all this way. If you had an instrument cluster problem, the best way to deal with it isn't a used part, you should either send I out for repair or find a shop that can do cluster repairs in house.

What was the problem with the original cluster?
The original cluster was not lighting up, therefore, we were unable to see the gauge or speed. That is, nothing in the cluster was showing, it was black.
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