Q: how do i replace the front crankshaft oil seal as it leaks oil on 1996 Toyota RAV4

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do i have to take off the timing case
(3) Answers
Also, if there is a muffler shop handy, they can make you a seal installiation tool from a piece of plpe! Using the new seal to go by, the pipe can be swedged to the exact size needed, then cut to any length desired. Smooth the edges a little and you have a great seal driving tool! Don't be in a hurry installing the seal, even with the propper tools, seals are easily damaged. Be sure to prelube the seal lip, the rubber part that runs on the crank, before install. If in doubt, get some help from a car savvy buddy.
no because the seal is connected to the case,remove the crank pulley removal seal out of the case and Reverse process.

be careful when reinstalling the seal the timing cover is aluminum but it is brittle
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