How diffulcult to replace spkplugs. What is s.o.p. on 2010 Subaru Forester

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Check engine light flashed then stayed on with vehicle dynamic light. Cruise light flashes as well. 108, 000 miles. Detected faint odor of burning oil-as if spilled on exhaust manifold-did not last long. Made a hard left just before lights came on and engine idled/ram rough
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At that mileage these engines usually develop some leaks at the cylinder heads and valve cover gaskets. Also if not done already, the timing belt and all related componets as well as oil seals need to be replaced. As for changing the plugs that also should be done by a mechanic with the proper tools. Problems with cross threaded spark plugs if not done correctly!
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do you mean c.o.p. coil over plug? your issue may be under factory or emissions warranty at the dealer
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