1995 Geo Tracker Questions

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Is there a Geo Tracker fuel pump relay and what are the symptoms if it acts up. My '95 tracker lsi (fuel injection) starts, runs for 4 seconds. Is it stopping because the fuel pressure drops off to 10 psi?
I checked all fuses and they look good. They would work and then not, intermittently and now they don't work at all. Is this th combination switch? And if so, where is it located?
If so were is it at?
white smoke and strong fuel smell coming from tail pipe
The starter is gear driven
I've changed wheel berings twice now in the last month followed the Chilton book to tee every time still burning up on right side any ideas
It rusted to pieces along with the bar in front of the tank plus so r the shock towers what do i do to fix all this?
also, no fan while radio is on or when i apply the breaks. blinkers work outside, but not inside. Just a little confused.HELP!!!
I got behind the glove compartment and loosened the cover, but can't get the cover off to remove the filters.
already checker the gas tank fuel pump fuel filter and cat converter
voltage on the batt. is good but the whole car is dead.
The back end of my tracker wants to go its own way after tring to go into 2nd gear that's when it happens! Even just looking. At my truck from the back it looks like left tire is more to the right they say its the body mount but I can't seem to find anything on it to tell me how to fix it plz help
All bulbs good & the hazards work.
my 95 geo tracker is leaking front diff. fluid. can't tell exactly where because it's running along k-member. looks like is coming from a seal where the front drive shaft is connected. anyone have any ideas or suggestions...and if it is the seal, how difficult is it to swap out.
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