front window bumps halfway down in auto close mode on 2003 Nissan Murano

When closing the right front window in auto close mode, the window hits the top and drops halfway down. To close the window completely, the window must be raised very slowly.

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Try this- roll it down then up but hold switch all the time and do not let off for about 10 seconds after window is up. Info. i think is in the manual! Anyone forced window down by pushing on it or worked on it? There is a reset procedure, the one i suggested may not be right though.
This procedure was tried by the service rep at my local Nissan dealer. I also tried it with no success. I do not have a repair manual. Do you know if there is in fact a reset on the motor. I can open the door panel and get access to the motor is that will repair it. Thank you.
Owners manual. Did it just start this for no reason, i mean just out of the blue? Anything elese not working properly? Can have body module scanned for codes. No reset on the motor itself, it just follows orders!
Yes, It just started on it's own after working for several years. No other issues with the car except for a couple of tire pressure sensors not working properly. I will have the body module scanned for codes. I have had the infamous door locking issue on the drivers door since the car was new. I recently installed an auxiliary after market actuator that is supposed to correct it. Thank you.
Sure sounds like the BCM is confused about how many revolutions it is counting for auto up! Got to be a reset procedure. Dont really think it is the module, could be wrong. Also the scanner, if a good one, can actuate the auto window feature and it should open and close correctly, IF no mechanical problem.
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posss regulator issues
posss regulator?? What is that?
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