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Q: Engine still running hotter than normal on 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

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My car has been a great car until I started to have problems with it running hotter than normal, never to the red, but above normal. I have had the thermostat replaced, just replaced the water pump along with the timing belt and serpentine belt replaced. Also had a tune up and replaced spark plugs and valve cover (it has about 108,000 miles on it). Still having problems with the car running hotter than normal, especially after driving on the freeway or after about 20 minutes. My shop suggested it could be the radiator, but don't want to replace that too and still have a problem. Is there anyway to test the radiator to see if it is plugged or not? If not the radiator, what else could it be?
Okay, just had radiator replaced today and the mechanic said it was split. Well, still the same problem, running hotter than normal. I am at my wits end! Don't know what to do next, sell it?
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Sounds like you changed all the components except the radiator, so it must be restricted and needs boiling out or replacement
when you reach normal operating temp, you can measure the temp of the radiator either top and bottom or side to side. if it is restricted. you will see a huge difference. if it is normal, then there will be a nomial change of about 60 degrees.

Just replaced radiator, because it was split, according to mechanic. Well, same problem, still running hotter than normal. Don't know what to do next! I am at my wits end! Summer is coming and if this doesn't get fixed, it will overheat. It has been a great car, with almost no problems, but if I can't get this fixed, I might have to sell it. Very frustrated!
when the radiator cracked the tank, there is an unlying problem. to have that much pressure to do that means that you may have a blown head gasket that leaked compression into the cooling system. take it to a shop and see if they can air test the cylinders to confirm that either you have a head gasket problem or not. i dont think you are going to like the answer.

If it is a head gasket, what could have caused the problem? I have always taken very good care of the car with all the scheduled maintenance. There isn't any TSB on this problem for this car or engine and it doesn't look like alot of people have complaints on this either. If it is a blown head gasket, how much money are we talking about? I wonder why my mechanic didn't say anything about it either?
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