Q: engine stalls on 1994 Honda Accord

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my car starts and idel fine you can revel it up run great but when put in D4 or reverse engine stalls but i can keep it runing if i keep my feet on the gas and has a auto transmission. i have replaced the distributor gasket cap rotor button and coil.i have pulled the hose off the egr valve and their was no vaccum.what can i do next.
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replaced the 2'coupling that go's to a small box next to the main air filter all hoses looks ok.
The EGR should NOT be recieving a vacuum signal at idle. Test the idle air control motor .What is the idle RPM in park with A/C off? does the idle change slightly when you turn the A/C on?
rpm with ac off is 500 turn on ac moves to 1000, checked for vac leaks changed map sensor same thing it feel like the trasmissiom has a lot of torke on the motor when put in gear at idel i can tell the motor mount are thing at a time.
Change broken motor mount(s) and then check IAC (idle air control) valve. If you've had connectors off at the throttle body , check and make sure the TPS plug is in securely. AND just to be sure --the check engine light is NOT on correct?
fixed mounts i was i was looking at other auto fix forums and one said it could be the automatic transmission clutch sticking. make any sense