Q: Does the clutch need to be replaced? on 1995 Toyota Corolla

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My wonderful little car (I am the original owner) has 103K miles on its original clutch. Two months ago after starting the car and attempting to shift to 1st the clutch would not engage (no unusual noise). It was like I was still in neutral. Same thing happened when I shifted to 2nd. I pulled over, turned off the engine and then tried again without any problem. I forgot all about this and have had no problems since until yesterday when my mechanic (whom I do trust - usually) told me that he thought the clutch was grabbing too high and after 103K miles it is probably getting ready to fail. What do you think?
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The answer to your question , is in another question. You say you tried to shift to 1st & 2nd , but then 'pulled over' and turned it off . HOW did you pull over if it wouldn't go into gear? Clarify what happened there and we may be able to help narrow it down to the area of failure, hydraulic or mechanical. --17 years and 103K , nothing would be to unusual , though.
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