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Q: Crank sensor? Car dropping dead? on 2002 Ford Taurus

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Long story story,(I'll skip having towed twice)the car dies in traffic,scans a bad sensor,the reason it lost spark.It's replaced, and the car still drops.The mechanic now feels that it was the wiring harness,and it's connection,says he doctored it,but I should drive too far until the fix is confirmed.
My question: Can the harness connection be replaced?Am I'm better off sticking with OEM sensors,etc? I'll probably get rid of the car-I don't trust it to be reliable,but I hate to quit on a car that runs so nicely and has so many new parts.
(btw,fuel pressure is aok)
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YEP , YEP ,pretty annoying right after the struts (which I hope went well)!How many days do you have for me to get you some reliable tips ?My parts guy at the dealership I work at loves to dig for me at the 'other' brands dealers and he's in pretty good with some Ford guys.What sensor specifically did it code for? Are you positive it's losing spark?let me know I'd be happy to help however I can.ZIP ZIP ZIPSTER. out..............never mind ,my '95 caravan just blew a head gsket 'cause I ignored a bad radiator fan switch and got stuck in traffic .now my only choice at the moment is to fix it. Messy but easy fix for me, just don't want to do it.The upside (if there really is one , is that the traffic jam involved a multi-car wreck with a fatality, thank god I wasn't the fatality.Unfortunatly It was a woman from Florida from a utility company,up here helping with clean-up & power restorations from a storm we had last friday. pray for her family ,my caravan is much less important in the scheme of things ...right? Again good luck and let me know if I can be of any help with your situation , camster. ziptie out. BTW...Huntington isn't that far from Hempstead is it?
Thank you kindly,Zipster.I'm about 15 miles from Hempstead.
I'm going to give up on this car,much as I hate to do that.I didn't deal with the struts,thankfully,but have put a lot of money into it in the last year,including a reman trans from the dealer(3500)just a few months ago.
My bud at the local Ford dealership says "fuel pump",and that the crank sensor code this one is throwing is typical of that failing/overheating.My mechanic says that he wishes it was that,and he's stumped (he put a new ignition coil in it as well).It had plenty of pressure when he tested it(purged line,cranked her over 50 lbs but wouldn't start,no spark.If it sits,it will start,drive,run as sweet as can be,but eventually will drop dead again.
I can't risk being stranded,being the guy in the intersection.A great looking,very well maintained car,never hit,179k.I really hoped to squeeze another year out of it.
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