Q: Cold weather start only, instrument cluster malfunctions until car warms up. on 2006 Honda CR-V

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When I enter my car in cold weather a clicking noise starts, then when I start the car the tach, gas gage, temp gauge, and lights click and flicker. Once the car warms up it stops. On youtube this is a documented problem with many examples. Some suggest this is a battery connection being the problem. I'm fairly mechanical and I've cleaned and checked the battery posts, at no time has the battery seemed weak or unable to start the car. It surprised me that from 2003 to 2006 youtube has examples of this occurring but no bulletin etc has come out.
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thx for the reply, how do you come to that conclusion? I always thought that electronics either worked or didn't work, an intermittent transistor how would you even test for that? I don't want to spend $$$$$$$ having a dealer try to find the issue.
Try removing the cluster and simply unplugging and plugging back in all the connectors. May be a loose pin contact. Also low voltage can cause that symptom on those (and I used to see it on civics too). What condition is the battery in (an actual test , not just -it's okay 'cause it cranks). What condition is the drive belt in?
This IS a common issue yet there doesnt seem to be anyone on the internet that has diagnosed the problem yet. Im sure honda is aware of the problem but has chosen to not address it to the public.

Greg's Orange Auto could you be more specific as to why you think its a transistor? Is there a specific transistor # on the cluster PCB that your referring to? Pisses me off when people take wild guesses and have no facts to back it up.

I currently own a 2006 Honda CR-V SE with 120k garage kept in almost mint condition. It does exactly as described here anytime the outdoor temp drops below 32F. I have noted that the problem is only present on the circuit that the dash lights and gauge cluster are on. No other circuits in the vehicle are affected.

I hope to find some time to pull the cluster out this winter and troubleshoot the problem so people can finally start getting some answers. My first thought was a cold solder some where on the cluster PCB or in the dash circuit.
Hi I started this, I am waiting for the summer to do this as well as trying to deal with plastic at -20
usually causes more problems than its worth. I can't believe there isn't someone out there that has dealt with this even with a dealer repair.

I'm at the point of sending Honda a letter with a couple of litigation lawyers attached.

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