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Excessive oil consumption—defined as more than one quart per 1,000 miles (on vehicles with less than 50,000 miles) or more than one quart per 750 miles (on vehicles with more than 50,000 miles)—is common. Common causes include exhaust valve guides, valve cover gaskets, camshaft plugs, camshaft seals, and crankshaft seal.

Shifting harshness and shuddering issues related to the operation of the automatic transmission have been addressed by factory service bulletins. The shuddering can feel like the vehicle is being driven over rumble strips.

Intermittently, the key may not start the car or release from the ignition. If it is excessively worn, replace the key. If the new key doesn't work, replacing the lock cylinder including tumblers should correct this concern.

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The windshield wipers keep going on and off and the dash board light are going on and off and singing seems to run ok...its going crazy

cigarette light does not work

trunk light does not work, with a new bulb replaced

I change my starter on my 2007 Chrysler Pacifica and now it will not start and my throttle control light on the dashboard is coming on, any suggestions?

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The hood latch striker bolts may loosen and allow the hood to open unexpectedly while driving. Dealers will install new hood striker bolts with the proper torque free of charge to resolve the concern.

A failure of a key electrical connector in the power distribution center of the vehicle wiring may lead to the failure of electrical components, and result in the vehicle stalling without warning. Dealers will replace the affected connector or harness depending on the vehicle free of charge to resolve the concern.

The passenger side sun visor may detach if an accident occurs with it in the down position, and the passenger front air bag is deployed, striking it. Dealers will install a tether strap to retain the visor free of charge to resolve the concern.

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the only thing i really really about this car is...who pu the battery in such a dumb place?

We purchased 2005 Crossfire Limited Roadster this spring. The car randomly does not start. Now it also randomly shuts down while driving. The dash board lights flash during shutdown. Car has 28,000 miles. If anyone has had these issues and found the solution please let us know, dealer cannot find the problem. Love the car but...........

Bought a 2007 PT Cruiser base model about 3 years ago for my Son's first car. If you don't read any further at least read this NEVER EVER BUY ONE OF THESE JUNK CARS. I laugh at these PT forums where they think the car is so freaking great. The car looked great, base model, silver, chrome wheels. But in my gut, being an experienced backyard mechanic I knew Chryslers poor quality history bu...

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