Chrysler 200 Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Chrysler 200

Chrysler 200 Questions

Under front seat air vents are flat not opened so no AC going to back (1 answer)

my air vents under my front seats are closed how do I open them there is no air conditioning going to the back it is uncomfortable for back seat riders thanks

My engine light came on yesterday while driving home. (1 answer)

Took it to auto zone for testing and found out that the car EVAP.

I found out I have a very small emissions leak how do I find out where it is&get it fixed? (2 answers)

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Chrysler 200 Recalls

Passenger Frontal Air Bag May Improperly Deploy In A Crash

During service work that necessitated replacement of the passenger seat cushion or the Occupant Classification Module, additional needed parts may not have been replaced. This could result in the passenger frontal air bag not deploying properly. Dealers will install a new Occupant Classification Module and Seat Cushion Foam service kit free of charge to resolve the concern.

Vehicle Stalls Without Warning

A failure of a key electrical connector in the power distribution center of the vehicle wiring may lead to the failure of electrical components, and result in the vehicle stalling without warning. Dealers will replace the affected connector or harness depending on the vehicle free of charge to resolve the concern.

Radio Software Can Allow Third Party Outside Access To Vehicle Controls

The software for the vehicle radio can be exploited by unauthorized parties who can make changes vehicle system software remotely, possibly endangering vehicle operation. Chrysler will mail owners of affected vehicles a USB drive that includes a software update that eliminates the vulnerability free of charge to resolve the concern.  Alternatively, owners may download the software from Chrysler directly to their own USB device to update the vehicle software.

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Chrysler 200 Reviews

I like this car - Only shortcomings are dealing with be brakes and slippage tranny into 1st gear. Other than love gas mileage the comfortable seats a very spacious cabin with import options in its class. Would recommend but before getting unless got the average model check under Consumer reports or Bulletin about a issue car has otherwise like this car not too many things that seem be a problem...
Wife is primary driver she loves her 200 Limited after she totaled her 2008 Sebring bought a 200 in March 2013. It is a great vehicle took 4 trips without no problems plus received good maintenance from Chrysler dealer no hassles. Overall I like the looks of the 200 more sporty and bit luxurious ever top of the line with Limited model.
this is the first car I ever bought new that has not required any warranty work of any kind. I have 21,000 miles on it and it is 15 months old. It also always gets better gas mileage constantly than the sticker says to expect. I have gotten as good as 34mpg on highway trips. It appears Chrysler went to work on fixing their problems. Hopefully they can stay in survival mode permanently.

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