Q: Can you give me a checklist of the 30K mile servicing? on 2010 Toyota RAV4

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My Rav4 is due for the 30,000 mile service and maintenance. I'm trying to cut down on the inflated costs I'll incur by taking it to Toyota dealership. For example, I know the cabin filter is due for swap-out and this costs $40 thru the dealer, but I can get it for $15 at most parts stores, and I can easily install it. How many other items are on the checklist for 30K service that I could do myself?
Thanks for any help!
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IF you're going to save the labor $$ by doing it yourself , treat yourself good and get Toyota parts!!........
Does it really make a difference? Glad you brought this up, because I probably wouldn't have opted for the Toyota brand, thinking it's just an upcharge.
YES , it does make a difference , especially the seemingly simple things like their oil filter. 200,000 miles later you won't regret it. ENJOY!
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