Q: 90 535i brakes spongy on 1990 BMW 535i

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just bought car was undriven and in garage for over 10 years has only 8700 miles bled system and installed new master cylinder and bled system again still spongy and have to pump brake to stop vehicle
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Propperly bleed brake system! Or get a repair shop to fix the problem. You may not have time to pump the brakes next time you need to STOP!!
is there anything specific to the braking system of a bmw 535i the system was bled several times with no sign of air thats why we changed the master cylinder yet no help
After all the messing with the master cylinder........have you physically removed wheels and observed each individual condition and operation? ALL components removed and inspected?? After sitting for 10 years , might have more than just faulty master cylinder, or that might not have been the problem in the first place?
did you just remove the old master cylinder and put the brand new one in its place...then filled it up with brake fluid?
bled the system before we replaced master cylinder and again after we installed new master cylinder
The problem is there is still a bunch of air in the system may take a GAL. of fluid to bleed!!
Did you bench bleed the NEW master cyl. before install?