Q: 2010 corolla, hard to start almost like weak battery on 2010 Toyota Corolla

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Turn key, sometimes clicking sometimes nothing, and others it just barely catches, like weak battery, but figure if it was battery, it would have died by now as its been two days. Starts 1-3 tries. Thinking starter, but still after only three years?
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Thanks, i am testimg tonight. It just seems like the battery has juice, but maybe just not enough to start and still takin g charge while driving to go completely dead. Thamks again
Right on gemtlen. Battery tested. Was taking charge fine and was at 100%. But Wasnt putting out enough. Replaced battery and starts right up. Saw all these reports about bad starter connections. Thanks again. Nice and easy gotta be happy w that.
If it is the original battey, replace it! Depending on prodction date, it could be, or close to, 4 yrs. old!! Starter is most likely not the problem.
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