Q: 1 leaky fuel injector replace bad one only or all 4 ??? on 1996 Toyota Corolla

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car has 222,000 miles on it now all injectors were replaced about 11 years ago car had about 108,000 miles on it at the time had fuel injection system cleaned approx 2 years ago car run great but misfires occasionally with no check engine lite or codes im figuring most likely cause of misfire is leaky injector had complete tune up done last year also replaced fuel filter. fuel pump was replaced about 2 years ago
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thanks for your answer misfire is random maybe one or two missfires a trip what would be the best way to have the cause diagnosed i have had no luck with dealership and a couple of well recommended repair shops since there is no check engine lite or codes and misfire does not ever seem to happen while the mechanic has the car and can never seem to be able to find the problem. i did have the car towed about a year ago had check engine lite come on at that time code show #2 cylinder not working properly complete tune up was done then car ran better but still occasional misfire also noticed that the number 2 injector is the one with the leak coincidence ???
Have all of the injectors resealed with new o-rings first, then go from there! IF it still has a misfire, have it scanned with a professional scanner by a professional! A top notch scanner will find your trouble.
thanks for your answer could a fuel injector leak cause an occasional misfire ???? i had the car towed last year after i had the check engine lite come on at that time i was told the #2 plug was not firing properly and had complete tune up done along with new plug wires the last mechanic i had the car to showed me that it is the #2 injector is the one with the leak i have driven the car over 100,000 miles since the last time i had the injectors changed
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