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Owners' Reviews

1997 Honda Civic Reviews and Owner Comments

1997 Honda Civic
6 Reviews
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Overall Score (6 reviews)
  • Body, Interior & Misc.
  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust & Emissions
  • Drive Train
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Electrical & Lights
  • Suspension & Steering
1997 Honda Civic Owner Reviews (6 reviews)
  • 1997 Honda Civic
    Visitor, Newport Beach, CA, December 10, 2010 12:38
    I'm the original owner. It's a 1997 Civic EX. The car has run like a champ from day one. Just stay ahead of the maintenance schedule; timing belt, water pump, drive shafts, brakes, oil changes, air and fuel filter changes. No problem. Major repairs done ; radiator @ 125k, clutch @ 225k, struts @ 215k, rear brakes lasted to 250K and drums were still good, changed boots on steering rack @ 260k, catalytic converter lasted to 274k!! At this point the steering is a touch clunky maybe the tie rod ends are finally due. Quality problems; AC is a little weak, but still on it's original charge, headliner is falling apart, water leaked into rt headlamp in the early years, rr camber a touch askew. Interior is becoming a bit noisy for my taste @ this point. Might be the tire selection.... Handles and runs superbly for a roller skate! You'll surprise people in faster cars through the twisty turns. Extremely dependable. Great for trafficy commutes.
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  • 1997 Honda Civic
    ramjothikumar, Santa Clara, CA, June 20, 2010 14:50
    Excellent cat. Though i bought it in 2007 as a commute car, i have taken it for 1000 mile long vacations trips. Amazing performance both functionally and leisure features as well. The A/C and sound system inside are amazing for a 97 model car.
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  • 1997 Honda Civic
    Visitor, San Jose, CA, April 11, 2010 16:20
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  • 1997 Honda Civic
    CarGuy22, Sharon, WI, February 09, 2010 17:40
    I have a 1997 Civic EX Sedan and LOVE IT. I commute 100 miles a day for work and this car has been great. It has 214,000 miles and still runs great. To make my commute more comfortable I replaced the front seats with seats from an Acura Integra. Huge improvement. I also tinted the windows and installed a remote start for the cold winter mornings. If I need any body work done to it I buy my repair supplies from Auto Body Toolmart and fix anything that needs fixing.
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  • 1997 Honda Civic
    Giabella, Nanuet, NY, August 29, 2009 13:47
    3rd Civic I've owned. Great car. Wish they still made the hatchback. Just wish the seat material was a little tougher.
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  • 1997 Honda Civic
    nancysid, Fort Lauderdale, FL, April 06, 2009 14:57
    i inherited this car from my daughter when she bought a new 07 civic. she purchased this car new (her first car), and i believe she maintained it fairly well. it is pretty rough outside (red paint in florida sun) but still nice inside. i like driving this car better than our 04 accord. it handles really well. i had some a**h*** in a beemer tailgating me coming off I95, but he kind of disappeared when i took the exit at 65! i might keep this another ten years unless i find a nice crx.
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