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Honda Problems

Brakes -- Verified

The front brake rotors can warp and cause a vibration when braking. The rotors will need to be machined or in cases where they are worn to thin, replaced to correct this issue.

Drive Train -- Verified

Automatic transmission failures are common, Automatic transmission failure on these vehicles will generally require overhaul or replacement of the transmission. In the event of a  failure, it may be worthwhile to check with Honda to see if they may offer assistance for this repair. As these vehicles age, Honda has become less likely to help out with these transmission related repairs.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

On certain models a faulty windshield wiper motor can cause the wipers not to turn off or not park properly. The wiper motor needs to be replaced to address this issue.

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

Front compliance bushings may crack and break. Damaged bushing should be replaced before damaged is done to suspension components.

Miscellaneous -- Verified

On some models the hood release cable breaks at the hood release handle.

Honda Recalls (Recent)

Honda and Acura Recall Various 2001–2004 Vehicles Due to an Internal Transmission Fault

Drive Train, April 27, 2004
RepairPal Expert Overview:

Honda and Acura are recalling numerous 2001–2004 vehicles to inspect for an internal automatic transmission fault. This fault could result in gear failure, which can cause the transmission to lock up. If the transmission were to lock up with the vehicle in motion, a crash could result. If the inspection reveals internal transmission damage, the transmission will be replaced. If no internal damaged is noted, the transmission oil cooler return line will be revised in order to increase fluid flow. For more information, please call Honda at 1-800-999-1009 or Acura at 1-800-382-2238.

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Honda Recall 98V018000

Drive Train, February 12, 1998



The Ignition Switch May Fail

Electrical & Lights, June 14, 2002
RepairPal Expert Overview:

The electrical contacts in the ignition switch may be worn. This may cause the engine to stall while driving, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will replace the ignition switch to correct this concern. This recall is expected to begin by June 14, 2002.

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Honda Recalls 1998-1999 Vehicles Due to Ignition Cylinder Wear and Shift Interlock Issue

Electrical & Lights, December 8, 2003
RepairPal Expert Overview:

Honda has recalled 1998-1999 Accord and Acura CL, and 1999 Odyssey and Acura TL vehicles because the ignition cylinder body may be worn, which can cause the shift interlock not to function properly. If the vehicle does not securely lock in "Park" due to a worn ignition cylinder, the vehicle may roll, which can cause a safety issue. Dealers will inspect the cylinder body for wear and replace the cylinder body, collar, and latch plate if necessary. If there are no signs of wear and all is operating as designed, dealers will replace the latch plate.


Premature Ball Joint Wear

Suspension & Steering, May 17, 1999
RepairPal Expert Overview:

The ball joints in the front suspension may prematurely wear out. The ball joints could break in severe circumstances, which may cause an accident. Dealers will replace the front suspension lower ball joints. This recall is expected to begin by May 17, 1999.

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Honda Questions and Answers

spotfin, 1990 Honda Accord, Clayton, CA

When I turn my passenger side tire area makes a loud squeaky sound. this occurs when driving or when still. It also squeaks when I push up and down on the car. Can it only be a front strut beari...

harrisdj87, 1990 Honda Accord, Victorville, CA

i need a book where should i go online?

harrisdj87, 1990 Honda Accord, Victorville, CA

honda dealership they said the fuse blow when they start the car i need to re Wire the electric system

tipple_1999, 1990 Honda Accord, Wooster, OH

I have a 90 Accord LX 5 speed, 2.2 motor. It has 300,xxxmiles and recently it started spraying oil up onto my hood while driveing. It is in the general area of the distributer and this site menti...

4Wolfman, 1990 Honda Accord, Mebane, NC

1st of all this is a 1986 Accord LXI 2.0 fuel injected. I was having speeedometer noises and erratic speeds, sounded like something loose on left side of car. I replaced the cable and noise went aw...

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Honda Owners' Reviews

I have a 2012 Honda Pilot Touring, sold my 12 year Yukon Denali XL.
I loved my Denali but it was getting old and ABS lights went on. After looking at many new Denali's and finding none that compared to my 2002 with the butter soft leather seats and the roomy interior, I decided on the Honda Pilot. So far a big disapointment, has no power and the car is coming apart. The driver's seat I have taken in three times to the Honda dealer and my Pilot has a year and a half with 22,700 miles. Last weekend while going 65mph on the freeway it started to bop,bop,bop while driving. The dealer says that I must have drived on the brakes,ha! on a freeway bumper to bumper. The rotors overheated and they had to be redone and clean up the breaks. This is an almost new car, I bought it with 5 miles from dealer new. This to sounds like manufacturer defect and it can cause accidents down the road. I hope the government gets notice of this soon.

I bought 2000 Odyssey brand new and I am totally satisfied. Got oil changes every 3-5 thousand miles and transmission oil changes every 15000 thousand miles on an average. I think the book suggests every 30000 miles. I was worried about transmissions going bad and so I got frequent transmission oils changed. Transmission is just fine even at 147000 miles. I have not change the Timing belt yet and book suggests I do at 105000. I know I am taking a risk and I will get it done soon and shopping around.
In electrical system, the LED lights behind the clock, and other places blew out. Very hard to replace so I just got used to without having them.
I always put Sams club gas. So the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter light came on which is no big deal, I think.
I used my odyssey for long trips, as a work horse truck hauling sofas, and once I hauled load of granite stones and I know that was foolish of me. AC is fine and I have not filled any freon.
Other than that tires, brakes, and regular maintenance. Hoping to get at least 200000, TouchWood.
It is not just a van but a light truck.

I had a used 99 Civic for ten years. No major hiccups. I decided to upgrade into an 09 Accord EX, 4cyl in 2009. Initially there were problems with the car. Battery went dead, rear brakes were replaced, I think all before 8K. I am a road warrior, but I don't drive my car rough. The brakes are extremely noisy even after having new ones put on and running them through the wash to rid them of dust. They are just noisy. The wheels feel a little wobbly at times, especially in the rear. There is a grinding noise when I crank the car if it has been off for a long while, almost like a pan rattling underneath. This occurred just after 100K. I live in the Metro DC area so getting from point A to B could mean a MINIMUM of 30 one way. Now that I'm at 112K, the AC just STOPPED working. I noticed the two fans are not running in front of the engine. This NEVER happened with my Civic and she had 210K on her. I'm not very happy with this car even though I was happy with my Civic, which is why I stayed with Honda. Other minor issues, the rear brake light failed (never on my Civic), the interior lights ALWAYS go first (even in my Civic), I heard a loud snap when I pulled my visor down one day and now it doesn't press flush against the ceiling of the car. I've replaced the leather arm rest and now the arm rest in the door is splitting. (NEVER use ARMOR ALL leather wipes!!) I would guess that it damages the car's interior because it is NOT leather. The driver's window was acting up a bit, like it didn't want to go all the way up, but I'm not having any issues out of it. The lumbar support stopped working and I have intermittent back problems. I MAY get an Acura, but I'm sort of leaning toward a Lexus. I'm VERY disappointed with HONDA. I expected to have this car until about 2021...but no. She may get traded this year.

My 99 civic has 200k miles and still runs great, low cost to maintain,changed oil every 3000k and never had any real big problems, oh i did have to replace head, but that was due to the water pump piece broke off and clogged something over heated, had it replaced and expect to get another 50K out of it, my last civic befor this one went 300k, and never leaked anything, 35-40mpg someone knocked on my door and asked me to sell it to them, that 88 civic took me across the country many times, went through college then I gave it to my little brother and he used it until he graduated Medical School at UCLA and bought his own practice, he gave it back to me with 300k and I drove it to Phoenix where someone stole it to smuggle drugs got it back when police found it and it still ran great up to the day I sold it. I believe in hondability, GO CIVIC!!

I have a 2000 honda accord v6 72000 miles good car I love it

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