2001 Honda Civic Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2001 Honda Civic

2001 Honda Civic Problems

On certain models the windshield wipers will not park in the proper place or won't shut off. The wiper motor must be replaced to repair this issue.

Damaged engine mounts can lead to vibration and roughness felt in the steering wheel. A rattle in the dash and engine area may also be heard. Replacement of damaged mounts will commonly correct these issues.

On Certain models a faulty power window switch can cause the power windows to work or not work intermittently.

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2001 Honda Civic Questions

Need to know where OBD port gets ign. signal. Direct or through PCM or ECU..etc

temperature guage goes down and when it is down car take more RPM to shift gear

When I drive my car on Highway up to 70 km/hour It vibrates crazily. It is better when I drive up to 90km/hour. Please give me an advice because I just bought this used car I quite nervous to drive it again on highway.

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2001 Honda Civic Recalls

This limited regional recall is for vehicles currently registered or first sold in Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and equipped with Takata-brand air bag inflators. Upon deployment the driver and/or passenger airbag inflator could rupture, increasing the risk of personal injury. Honda dealers will replace the affected airbag inflator modules to correct this concern.

Airbags use a chemical reaction contained in an inflator module to create the pressure necessary to inflate the bags when deployment is required. These vehicles are being recalled because the front passenger airbag inflator may produce excessive internal pressure when deployed. As a result, the inflator module could rupture causing metal fragments to strike vehicle occupants. Dealers will inspect and replace any defective passenger front airbag inflator module found.


Honda is recalling 2,430 vehicles because a driver's airbag inflator, installed as a replacement part, may be defective. In the event of deployment, these inflators could produce excess internal pressure and rupture, increasing the risk of injury to vehicle occupants. Dealers will inspect and replace the driver's airbag inflator as necessary. The recall is expected to begin by June 27, 2011. 

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2001 Honda Civic Reviews

Reliable, cheap to maintain. Classic civic. daily driver. Good job honda!

Excellent Vehicle, I bought it when it had 113,000 miles now it has 138,000. No Problem so far with anything. It's Stick Shift, great Pick up, great performance. I LOVE THIS CAR.

I bought my 2001 honda civic LX 4DR in january of 2008 not a single problem initially did alternator, battery etc but now if you see my car is excellent I like factory stuff and factory accessories. Have a complete original factory body kit, original alloy wheels, navigation, original dash trim kit. I always by geneuin parts & accessories and if you maintain it, it willnever give you any problem.

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