2004 Hyundai Accent Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your 2004 Hyundai Accent

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2004 Hyundai Accent
$666 to $1,166
2004 Hyundai Accent
$246 to $403
2004 Hyundai Accent
$245 to $1,570
2004 Hyundai Accent
$348 to $610
2004 Hyundai Accent
$333 to $410

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In areas where the roads are heavily salted during the winter, rust may occur in the front lower suspension or suspension coil spring. There are three separate recalls for road salt damage to the coil spring and/or control arm on 1995-1997 vehicles. Not all recalls may apply to all models so check with your local dealer to see if your vehicle is included. Our technicians remind us that if recall repairs are not completed to your satisfaction you should contact Hyundai at 1-800-633-5151. For more information on these recalls please click here»

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egine and restart. The cel would come as normal and go out. My car would run fine. I took it to a tire shop and they checked it out. They replaced an o2 sensor and new plugs and wires along with a fuel system cleaning. I drove my car and ran errands and no problem until it did it for the second t...

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Perfect car for me. Great gas mileage. Full time student and full time work. I drive about 50 miles a day. I have the hatchback and stun people with what I can fit in it. Getting ready to replace the clutch for the first time and I am at 150,000 miles. Worth every penny.

Have owned this used for 3yrs now (usually drive trucks, minivans, larger vehicles). Parts are extremely cheap to buy from the right source (not the dealer). I've had 3 door handles break internally, all in the same place, replaced them (PITA). @86,000 miles and still get 34-35mpg at 75mph on the interstate. turned out to be a better deal than I thought but the drawback that being a cheap impor...

Compressor is gone on a 2004 hyundai Accent, this is way too soon on a seven year car. never heard buying a brand new car part don't last much anymore. unsatified with this Brand.

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