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2008 Hyundai Accent

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2008 Hyundai Accent Problems

Suspension & Steering -- Verified

In areas where the roads are heavily salted during the winter, rust may occur in the front lower suspension or suspension coil spring. There are three separate recalls for road salt damage to the coil spring and/or control arm on 1995-1997 vehicles. Not all recalls may apply to all models so check with your local dealer to see if your vehicle is included. Our technicians remind us that if recall repairs are not completed to your satisfaction y...

2008 Hyundai Accent Recalls (Recent)

Brakes, April 1, 2013

RepairPal Expert Overview:

The affected vehicles are being recalled because the brake light switch can fail prematurely, resulting in the loss of brake light operation. Other systems that may be affected include: cruise control, push-button start, gear shifter, and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. Dealers will replace the brake light switch to correct this concern.

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2008 Hyundai Accent Questions and Answers

Ratul, 2008 Hyundai Accent, Zamora, CA

Hi. I own Hyundai Accent and Hyundai Santro/Atos. A few days back i met with a small accident. I was on a speed was 100 kmph in my Santro and i smashed a dog.
When i woke up in the morning i went f...

Visitor, 2008 Hyundai Accent, 1.6L 4 Cylinder, Oxford, CT

does a transmission fluid change cost

john Marro, 2008 Hyundai Accent, 1.6L 4 Cylinder, Farmington, NY

milage reduced from 31 to 25 mpg

jmax0803, 2008 Hyundai Accent, 1.6L 4 Cylinder, Las Vegas, NV

Went to turn on headlights and after turning on the switch all the way all I had on was the turn signal and clearance lights but no headlights.

Visitor, 2008 Hyundai Accent, 1.6L 4 Cylinder, Bonney Lake, WA

when I shift I can not see the gear I am in

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2008 Hyundai Accent Reviews

I own 2 of the 2008 Accents, different colors is the only difference in them. recently the brake lights have went out on both cars. they are equipped with the third brake light too. I have checked bulbs, fuses. i've heard there is a switch under the brake pedal that effects the lights. i have been unable to find any directions on how to remove and replace the switch. if i could come across a diagram of this part it woul be very helpful. cant seem to find one...

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