Q: why is my engine losing power and stalling while driving on 1998 Jeep Cherokee

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the problem didn't exist up till a couple of days ago. the vehicle lost power while driving and didn't respond even when i stepped on the gas pedal and engaged a lower gear. it stalled and wouldn't start when i cranked it. after waiting 5 minutes or so, i cranked the engine again and the vehicle started. i drove for about a kilometre or so before it lost power and stalled again. the temperature gauge reads normally and no warning signs have lit up on the dashboard.
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i had a diagnostic check run on it and got a P1685 Metering Oil Pump Stepping Motor Circuit Malfunction trouble code. i had another check done by another technician and got a P1685 SKIM system code. what do these codes mean and how do i resolve the problem?
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you have a problem with your ign assm reading your key for the alarm sysytem or anti theft. the skim is the part of the ign that controls the anti theft. seek help from a mobile locksmith
ok, but the vehicle will start fine and will only stall any time after the engine temperature reaches the normal operating level 96-100 degrees celsius. is there a link between the two?

...and the "p1685 metering oil pump stepping motor circuit malfunction" code - any ideas on that?
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