Q: When it is cold outside some electrical components do not work on 2004 Kia Spectra

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When it is cold outside the keyless entry, power door locks, power windows, dashboard lights, rear window defroster, dome light, seat belt alarm and tail lights do not work. When the car warms up sometimes they will come on and sometimes they will not. I have new belts on the car and installed a brand new battery yesterday but the problem persists.
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Some of the areas of concern would include the electrical system and the wiring. The components you mention are likely controlled by a single "computer" or module, and this module may need to be tested. In the northeast we have seen modules fail in the cold weather. Without a "factory" scan tool or aftermarket scan tool with "factory" capabilities I do not believe the system could be easily tested. The battery was certainly a good start to verify it was not the cause of the problem. I would recommend having components tested before replacement in the future.
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