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Q: What would be causing my front rotors to constantly warp? on 2010 Toyota Corolla

My care has 25,000 miles on it and since November, 2011 I have had the front rotors replaced because they were warped at 24,122 miles. On 12/13/11 Constant grinding noise at 24,958. Then again on 12/19/11 at 25,137 rear drum brakes resurfaced because they were warped. On 12/20/11 one day later At 25,143 rotors out of round, resurfaced and front brakes replaced. And on 1/14/12 at 25,789 had car towed into dealer for loud banging noise--poor maching--replaced front brakes and rotors again. Can anyone tell me what is causing this problem because the damn dealer can't or won't tell me. I am not a brake rider and all the mileage is highway driving. HELP
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driving habits are the primary reason for this issue. highway driving at high speed and fast slow downs overheat the rotors and drums.
sorry, but i think you need to examine your stopping habits.

Sorry , I agree with the driving habits comment , but I've seen too many "techs" slamming parts on in a hurry without properly cleaning the rotors (new-with hot water and detergent) , machined should be cleaned off as well DON'T SPAY TIRE SHINE ON THEM contaminents will cause glazing/overheating/then warpage. the next most popular tech SCREW-UP is hammerin' them there luggy nuts on with their impact... and makin sure dey be tiight!!!! no need for torque stic or wrench ,as long as they ain'coming off .....RIGHT???? other words tightening lug nuts unevenly can warp rotors before you drive off the lot. good luck. As far as my "techs" hurrying comment above...that happens more because of management and pay structure not because they don't want to do the job right!
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First guess would have been riding the brakes or hard stopping at fast speeds. If you really feel this is not the case, then we need to look further. Next question would be did the check to see if the ABS system was working correct? and are the calipers sticking? If both of these are ok too, then I would get a four wheel alignment to be sure the car is tracking straight down the road and not slightly sideways causing the rotors to push side ways on the calipers and causing your wear problems. We can only point you in some new direction without being there to check first hand.
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