Q: what is the possible cause of this car trying to start but doesn't? on 1998 Suzuki Esteem

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I have been trying to diagnose this cars issues for some time and I have had it. Car started having trouble starting and would die when coming to stops. I have dropped the gas tank cleaned it out, put a new fuel pump, new fuel filter and new gas. Car still had trouble starting, drove for a few miles parked it and now it turns over but will not start argh! When trying to start the car it wants to start, you can hear back firing also. So now I have removed the EGR valve, gross full of yucky stuff (I'm a girl hence the gross yucky words LOL) and the spring was not moving properly, I cleaned it all up, the spring moves easy now, cleaned the throttle body really good too! Car still has same issue and now I'm more frustrated. So on to the next thing I cleaned the PCV and also checked to make sure the fuel pressure regulator was working properly. Car still will not start. I have checked to make sure all hoses are connected and not worn or breaking, put a new battery, spark plugs and wires. Checked the IAT, IAC, and cleaned out the MAF sensor. I am so lost for words on what to do next, I would really like to get this car running again. Any suggestions on what could be the issue? I would be most thankful.
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