Q: What is an approximate estimate on front sway bar, end links, & inner tire rods on 2008 Saturn Astra

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I have rattling like loose parts under the front right area of the car. Brought it to a dealership and they said I need a sway bar and end links as well as the inner tire rods. The estimate seems especially high. Could you throw out there what I would approximately be looking for on a price?

Does this sound right that I need these repairs?

I also need two front tires but have already replaced tires before and know there cost. Of course it was high too. At Sears I paid $116 for each tire incl. mounting and balance and they quoted $152.71 each.
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They said it was normal wear and just that they should be replaced. I don't know if sway bar is actually broken.
$1000 not including tires. $200 parts sway bar and end links, $300 inner tire rods, rest is labor. I think on parts they ate quoting me double
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