Q: What could the EGR valve cause on 1994 Chevrolet Lumina

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My boyfriend went to auto zone to get checked why his check engine light is on. It said the EGR valve is bad. Well a couple weeks about maybe about 1 month ago you can smell gas, after he runs it. He is getting it checked out tomorrow. But another thing is he is using alot of gas also too. About 1\4 of a tank for a 90 miles round trip to work. So I was just wondering if anyone would know what else it could be.
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it can cause vac leak and rough runnung at idle and high emissions along with stalling and a bunch of other issues
the egr valve stands for exhaust gas recirculation it basically tries to burn excess emissions they sometimes get stuck open and will cause the check engine light to come on the best way to check it is to remove it and see if it seized if it is you are going to need a new one
This engine is famous for setting this code and the EGR valve is normally not the problem. The port that runs from the valve to the intake manifold gets clogged solid with carbon. Usually just needs to be cleaned out. The fuel smell may be the fuel pressure regulator leaking fuel. Look for fuel leaking around the regulator and remove the vacuum hose and look for fuel coming out of vacuum port.
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