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What I do for entertainment; go to youtube and type in "bad camry harry" --bad Camry is my 405,000 + mile 4cyl. Camry , that I abuse on a daily basis , in hopes that it will blow up and the wife 'lets' me get a new car been hitting the rev-limiter almost every time I'm in it since about 310,000 miles. Been in the family since 1 year old , 7,000 miles. Original engine and trans , Trans NEVER been out or apart except for inspection and ONE filter/screen change back in maybe 98. Engine has had the head gasket replaced for an updated one due to an oil leak. 5 timing belts and maybe 4 water pumps. ORIGINAL A/C compressor. Alternator just replaced at 396,000. ORIGINAL power steering pump and rack. I credit the Toyota engineers and Marvel Mystery Oil, for the engine holding up to my abuse!
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