Q: Unsure on 2016 Toyota Corolla

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I was involved in a serious accident. I was coming off highway to a service road, everything was going go, until I went to brake and instead of the car slowing down it accelerated
, had to crash in to fire hydrant in order not to crash in vehicles in front of me. We had the black box recovered and it showed I never braked, yet the passenger in var witnessed me braking. I kept on saying it won't slow down. Can the black box read wrong. This was a rental car.
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Not likely the electronics are mistaken .. Going by what you posted it seems to be pedal misapplication. Driver error.... This actually happens quite often as I have seen it many times over the years I've been in the auto repair business... When one is absolutely convinced their foot is on the brake, it is impossible to lift off or its too late to do so then hit the brakes.. Most of the time the result is crashing the vehicle .. Hopefully no one was seriously injured.