Q: turns over won't start on 2004 Chrysler Pacifica

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my 2004 Pacifica turns over but won't start. had the usual bad ground problem where it doesn't register being in park. now it just dead cranks, seems like it's not getting gas or spark. have tried the keyless entry to deactivate the theft system but still no luck. cleaned all the grounds, no luck. Is it the ecu or the pcm? Please help my wife is ready to shoot me!!
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If you have no signal from the Crankshaft position sensor to the PCM, your PCM will not power up the ASD Relay pr Fuel Pump Relay. I would have that checked first
man you're good, it was the asd fuse blown. i'm still gonna have to replace the ground though, keeps reading not in park.
My 2004 pacifica is having the same issue. Kindly tell me the location of the ASD fuse.
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