Q: the locket of the glove box on my versa 2007 is broken on 2007 Nissan Versa

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How can I open my glove box with what tool? and where to connect it? Thanks in advance
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Try inserting and turning a small flat blade screwdriver where the key would go in the lock. If its already broken, you may have to finish it off to get the glove box door open. Once you do, remove the lock cylinder and install a replacement. Keep in mind that many of those parts are plastic so work carefully to avoid damaging the glove box door itself.
Hi, I'm currently having the same problem with my Versa's glove box. My glovebox doesn't have a keyed lock, it's just a handle so I don't know how to open it. I tried taking the 2 screws under the glovebox door but it didn't do anything. I also tried prying the door a little bit but as you said, it's all plastic parts so I don't want to break it.

Thanks for the help.
My mechanic told me they do not sell the 'lock' or 'handle' for the glove box separately, you have to buy the whole door assembly. Approx $344!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone finds a LOCK/HANDLE THAT WORKS please let me know. AND I HAVE SEEN A LOT ONLINE - generic and for other vehicles - AROUND $12!! Thanks!
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