Q: The a/c compressor is leaking oil. on 2005 Mercury Montego

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Notices oil is leaking under car. Cleaned oil off of all areas where it was wet with oil. Revisited the same area next day and noticed oil on the bottom of compressor on the seem. Will this leak eventually burn out the compressor and how do I fix this problem?
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Without the PAG oil your A/C system will fail so you must replace the compressor now. This is an expensive repair at $800.00
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You're probably looking at about $1200-1400 in parts, labor and taxes to repair your a/c system with a new compressor with clutch and drier. If you have the incorrect amount of oil in the system it will not work either. It's best to take it to an A/C specialist who has the proper equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle. With a special machine they can check for leaks, vacuum the system and recharge it properly.
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