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Q: Stopped running while driving, won't start tried starter fluid cranked but no go on 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

Truck had been running great before this happened. The blazer stopped running right in front of my house and would not start back up. It cranks well and we put starter fluid in the carb and no fire. Is it the coil pack? Any help would be fantastic!
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Pull the coil wire off of the DISTRIBUTOR CAP and hold the tip of it about 1/4 inch from any metal part of the engine,, have a helper crank engine while you look to see if spark is jumping from the coil wire to that metal ground! It aint going to shock you!!! Post the results for more instructions....
Put the coil wire back on, now pull a wire off of a spark plug and test it the same way for spark....if no spark, replace cap and rotor, then drive away!!!! If spark is present, forget ignition system and start checking fuel system!!!!" FUEL PUMP check is a good place to start!
Use a phillips screwdriver in the boot of that plug wire to test for spark to a metal ground....dist cap and rotor failures are common....
I own a 2000 Blazer and have fixed a BUNCH of thhem!!! Let me know how it goes...
We tried spraying starter fluid in the carburator but didn't get any fire, would that make a difference on this particular vehicle?
Just test it EXACTLY the way i have posted!! It's foolproof!!! If you can fall out of a chair, you can do this!
We just got done testing this by putting the screwdriver inside the plug wire and we got very little spark. In order to do this we had to touch it next to the metal to get the spark, it wouldn't jump out like it did earlier from the coil pack. With the little bit of spark we got does that mean that it is working ok?
REPLACE DIST CAP AND ROTOR!!! Spark should be the same as coil wire!!!! Pay very close attn. to the way rotor is pointing when cap is removed! Screws are Torx drive. Take your time and get rotor and cap aligned properly before tightening screws! Get hands-on help if needed....
Good night!
Thanks for all your help, it was very much appreciated. I will let you know how it all went when we get it changed. Thanks again!
One more very important detail, the plug wires have got to go back on the new cap exactly how they were removed from the old one, same place on the cap. Mark them or what ever and dont get them crossed up!!! These caps have numbers on top of them to show which wire goes where, mark each wire with that same corresponding number for correct install. Remove wires after marking and lay them aside so cap/rotor can be removed and installed, then put wires back on cap, "in the right order".....
good luck!
Hello...I just want to give you an update on my Blazer...It is fixed and running better then ever!...I found a great mechanic and I told him all the steps you had me do and he said you were right on the money! The problem was exactly what you told me... Thanks for all your help, it was VERY much appreciated...
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