Q: stalling when at lights and stop signs,help please.. on 1990 Chevrolet Camaro

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This is actually a 1989 RS 305 TBI V8..She starts fine but after driving her for about 10 mins. when I stop at lights or stop signs she will stall out if I don't keep feeding her gas..any help is much appreciated,thanks.
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This can also be caused by a miss, (broken plug wire, loose plug wire, improper timing setting), dirty throttle body, (as Russ pointed out), or damaged/bad sensors.

When the car goes into closed loop, it uses the readings from the various sensors on the engine, and regulates timing and fuel delivery accordingly. If one or more of these sensors are relaying incorrect signals, or no signals at all, the engine performance will suffer in closed loop mode.
your fuel pump might be overloaded, that means when your fuel pump got over heated it will not be able to pump the enough fuel required to the engine (hot wether can cause this and also you might have some dirt blocks your fuel filter)