Q: something is draining my battery on 1990 Audi 90

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whenever i use my heat, my battery volt goes down and things start to shut down. the car doesn't stop on me, but when i turn it off, i need a jump to restart. it seems to run ok during the day, but night time is a big problem, especially now that it is cold here. i'm in st. louis missouri.

i had the battery and alternator checked at autozone and was told nothing wrong with them.

please help. thank you.
(2) Answers
Either something is on in the vehicle or you have something causing a parasitic draw. Seek out a shop that is good with electrical problems. Get it checked soon.
if your car wont start right after you shut it off it means the battery is low on charge (assuming it started the to begin with) night being worse due to lights, heat, etc. this could be a bad battery that wont take a charge, an alternator that is not giving a correct charge or the cables/connections between them. corroded/loose cables and grounds should be checked for. if this happens often, your battery prob got screwed from the deep cycling. have it and your alt rechecked by a guy over 40 years old with calluses on his hands, not the 18 year old at a parts counter. if its an overnight problem (paracidic draw) try unhooking the negative cable when the car works correctly the night before and see if it restarts the next day. dont go by the volt meter in the car, it is hooked up along with the consumers and does not show charging voltage at the battery.
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