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Q: Shifting lever stuck in park on 2004 Toyota Camry

my shifter got stuck in park,I read the book and read to take the little cover off by the shifter and push the botton to release the shifter. it worked fine doing this,but my question is why does it do it? Also is there anything I can do so that it doesn't do it again? Is there something that needs to be lubricated or adjusted? Or do I just keep using this little black button when it happens. Must be Toyota knew there was a problem or they wouldn't of put that little button in there and told you how to use it,am I right in my way of thinking? thanks for all your help in the past,look forward to your response to this one.
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Check your brake lights! NO , Toyota (and all others , have certain features designed in) decided that if it doesn't see the brake pedal depressed , when attempting to take the car out of park(like when parents leave little kids in the front seat of a running car-that's kinda what got this feature started I believe) it won't let it out of park. IT is a SAFETY feature-not a problem. The problem occurs when a switch , wiring , or PCM goes bad. AGAIN , check your brake lights. Switch can be tested , also fuse (if that's the case , you should have some other inoperative items) and wiring from switch to PCM AND switch to brake lights....ALL can be tested and verified , BEFORE parts are bought. Have fun! ..Drive safely.
thanks for that reply. the brake lights work,but as you say a switch or wiring. Guess I will deal with it,don't have the means to test it myself and I can only imagine what a dealer would charge. Plus that is the least of my problems with this car now,it has a rattle in the engine when I first start it. I know we didn't like the fact that it starts at an idle of about 2000-2200 RPMS. Get a little puff of smoke now have a good rattle,probably the rods are getting ready to come out the side of the block. 126K on it everyone says these cars go 200K or more. well guess they seen me coming on this one! Just bought it,boy am I stuck! Thanks anyway for your help. Is there any way to set the idle down?
Try doing 2 oil changes at 3000 miles or less using TOYOTA oil filter. YES they are different inside. Mine had a BAD rattle at start-up when it had around 220K on it , realized I forgot I used a purolator filter because I was in a rush once to do the oil change , switched back to factory filter ever since and now it's getting ready to turn 340Kin 2 or 3 days. As far as coming out of park , if you know where the brake light switch is (down under by the brake pedal) see if it's a 4-wire switch , if it is , it may be worth the gamble if it's cheap enough , to just try a new one if you don't have a way to test it ....not my normal recommendation , but hey..........good luck.
thank you so much for that info! My husband had just said to me this morning that he was going to go to Toyota and get a Toyota oil filter and going to get the high mileage oil,a friend of ours used it in his vans with high miles and swears by it,so what the heck,can't hurt,can it? We used full synthetic 5/30 mobile1 this last oil change which was just a week or a little more ago and now the BAD rattle . He ,my husband,is going to do the oil Monday,so I will keep my fingers crossed it works.. Did you read my question about the high idle? Guess there is no way to set it down some? That 2000-2200 RPMS on cold start is ruff on any engine. It goes down to around 700 or so and is perfect,runs great! Love the car,and hoping I get the miles from it everyone else gets. I only drive about 3000 miles a year as it is! LOl My husband would like to know what kind of oil do you use? You have lots of miles on yours so what ever it is must be He wants to get this done ASAP Thanks
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