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Saturn SC1 (3 Reviews)
my 97 saturn has a couple of problems but it has 197,789 miles on it.I've owned it for 1 in a half years.Small rattle type sound in the engine coming from the belt, drinks oil like a siv, air intake has a slight problem,and my car won't start sometimes after it has sit all night its not the battery dont know what it is but it does eventually start.Its never left me stranded except when the starter went out.Other than minor than that its been an awsome car
At 126,000 miles no major problems! Good little car!
I bought this car brand new so I’ve had it for 10 years. It’s the 2nd Saturn I’ve bought. The first I had for 8 years, so yes I am a loyal Saturn driver. This one is just shy of 100,000 miles and I believe with good maintenance it will double that. (Mine looks like the one in the photo, but the photo does not do it justice!!)

PROS: looks good, still sporty looking, body has no rust because of the plastic panels Saturn used back then, interior is good, third door still gets comments and also makes it easy to get in and out of the small back seat. Seats are OK, and leg room in the front is Ok. As far as the engine goes, still runs well with a few faults which I’ll get to. All this along with Saturn’s well known customer service… PLEASE don’t close Saturn down GM, or at least let them become an independent like they started out! (they were better back then anyway!!!) Handles well, is a fun car to drive.

CONS: Electrical system… this is just a quirky thing about this car. I’ve was surprised when my horn went. They told me it wore out. I thought that weird until I read that this was a well know problem with this model. Ok I can live without a horn. The other weird thing was some wires in the steering column corroded and the car was a “hit and miss” with starting. This was when it was almost 9 years old so nothing totally unheard of but I’ve never heard of it before. Starter being replaced yes, but wires?? Then again it only cost $80 to replace it. Starter would’ve been a lot more. The AC went out a couple of years ago. A piece on the unit itself came loose and just started rattling. I thought it was falling apart. Saturn rerouted my accessory belt and for $60 it’s fixed. NO AC, but I live in the north and don’t drive that much. I can live without it. My most recent weird electrical thing is the passenger window. Stuck in the down position I had to get it up, and I thought just a switch was out but no, it was motor that had “seized” and they had to replace it for $300 and I still can’t use it since it was an additional $200 to fix the switch. The most recent was the manifold started to leak and was bad and the parts holding it in were bad too. All toll: $650. I know the Saturn dealership I go to saved me money on it, but still something I’ve never heard of and I’ve owned some clunkers in my day.

All this may sound like I hate the car but I don’t. It’s been paid for years, and has caused me little pain. Other then the above I say for 10 years and 100,000 that’s pretty good. It gets me where I want to go safely and has decent gas mileage. I still think it looks nice and am proud to own it. If you can find one of the SCs and get a good price on them you can’t go wrong.