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Saturn L200 (16 Reviews)
I purchased car with less than 7,000 miles. It ran like a charm and was excellent on gas. Also, I had a knee problem and
was driving another car which made it worse. This car rode so
comfortably and my knee problem was not an issue. Anyway, besides light bulbs blowing out in rear (seems to do that more often than should. Use mostly locally, but took on trips as well. Approx. 36,000 and that's when started with things going wrong. What a bummer! The headlights turned on (even with car shut off). This was worse on overcast/rainy days. Also, the oil light came on for oil change ahead of time (the levels were fine) and then the car doors wouldn't lock, remote wouldn't work and worst of all the odometer completely blanked out and went down to "1". Told was Body Control Module and it's very
costly to replace at dealer. My local mechanic unable to fix due to special machine that reads codes didn't have. The GM dealer said will cost about $6-700, to start. I hope this fixes it, but wish I could get a new car as don't feel safe anymore with it after reading negative reviews. Was happy with
it before and thought we'd keep it basically till it dies. But
now, I'm very confused. Had water pump issue couple years ago
and air conditioner fixed. Hope nothing else goes wrong.
Have a 02 l200 been good car has 2.2 engine just stopped. Has fuel pressure. Replaced cam sensor still won 't start. Need help.
I have 2003 saturn L200 with no issue.The only thing is that the electrial circuit of this car is corrupted .I dont know but when this car stood for sometime it will unlock and lock automatically and wiper start working without th help of getting the engine on. Mans every part of the car which is connected to electrical circuit move in the similar way .Like trunk ,it open and close automatically .Please give me any solution. Its been long long time..
Thanks my email adres is
Bought this on mechanic's suggestion. Best choice. Got it the same day at a Saturn dealer (year before GM had to close down the division!). Super car. works pretty good. Amazed at the finish (silver) staying in such good condition - even after a great deal of tree sap falls on it (as well as seagull crap) it cleans right up and shines. Seats (cloth) are super comfortable and wear very well. All the bells and whistles are in great working condition. Never a problem with the door locks, seats, windows or heating and AC. Auto dimmer works like magic. Needed to replace the O2 sensor (this was forecast by my mechanic) and have had new brake linings (shoes) and new struts (struts are always expensive!). The cat convertor was replaced when I bought the car (from dealer) and have had no problems ever since. With current cars, we must always remember to be sure the gas tank cap is closed tightly (something my mechanic reminded me to do before we bought the L200) -- this alone will save us lots of money in needless repairs to the electronics. The mechanic says it's one of the best cars GM ever built, especially the 4-Cylinder engine -- just rock solid. Some day soon I'll have to have the AC recharged, but that's been 4 years ago. Summer's coming on. The ride is still very comfortable, even with the tires I'm running, which are long-life tires and are a little harder and rougher riding than most tires. It's a keeper. I'm 69 and don't plan on buying another car for the rest of my life. This one's good for the long run, I hope. I'm not really a car-lover, and look for utility more than anything else, but even my wife loves it, and she likes comfy cars.
My headlights(daytime running lights/high beam) keep flashing along with the door locks keep unlocking. It's very annoying with other vehicles thinking I have an emergency. The door locks keeping unlocking as I'm driving. I went to the local dealer and didn't want to pay the diagnostic fee of $100. The service tech advised me to change the key ignition which triggers the anti theft system which causes the lights to flash and the doors to unlock. I did and it didn't fix my problem. $50 for cylinder and %60 for locksmith to install and key the cylinder. Waste of time and money. any suggestions? I'm desperate and will have to go to the dealer and pay high dealer labor and diagnostics. I love my car. Will never get rid of. Only problem I've ever had.
my saturn idles super high when it first starts but the won't come back down. What could be going on whith it?
I have an 2002 L-200 Saturn and the doors seem to lock/unlock on their own.Even when I turn off/on the radio the doors will lock /unlock.I think it might be the body control module but now that Saturn is gone it is hard to get people to work on them ,much less try and find parts.Anyone else had this problem?
Where can I find the fuses. How can I replace the rear right brake light? I just bought this used car in June, 2011 and have already paid for quite a few repairs; back breaks system, air conditioner system including compressor, then recently the compressor stopped turning on; for heat or air. I also had the front brakes replaced but they have been "squeeling" since then. It is not the rotor. I like the car, just hope the end to problems will come soon.
This vehicle is a wonderful buy! But the only thing is....any electrical problems...the whole car feels it
i have a 2002 L200 series that has 287,000 miles and still runs great. other than normal maintenance, the belt broke yesterday. everything else is factory
I inherted this car from my dad. It had only 69K on it. I was first thinking of getting rid of it. It was very smoked in lol. But after weeks and weeks of cleaning and removing all the tree sap to make it look and smell presentable I started to like the car more and more! THe size PERFECT! The MPG same as NEW CARS TODAY!!! 22 CITY and I get up to mid 30's Highway!!! I wish it had ABS and Traction Control but I basically used it for back and forth to work which is local. The A/C and HEAT are awesome. The materials are excellent and paint still shines like day 1 and this is an outdoor parked car. SO, NO COMPLAINTS at all! Gave my mom $1200 for this car she wanted $2000 but stopped excepting money after $1200 so I stole the car. It still books as high as $6000 with the low miles. My dad did always have all maintenance he wanted the car to last him it was his major investment. It now has been a year I have been driving the car and Zero Issues!
I have a 2002 L200 and it's been a great car. I have 151,000 miles on it. I replaced the converter at 49,000 miles dealer covered. I had one rear strut rust out and break but still have most all original parts including muffler. I've put on serveral sets of tires and brakes but have had no major difficulties until now. The radiator went out, and I repaced the plugs, but i'm stil having difficulty which may be a head gasket from overheating. We'll see.
I bought the Saturn in 2007, near the end of August. And about two months later, a deer hit me on the way home. 4000.00 dollars worth of damage to the entire front end, engine, transmission, you name it. My insurance paid for it and everything was replaced and the body work was done but I am now having issues with certain lights coming on and it's had a rattling noise when the engine runs since it's been repaired. In 2009 I had a 100,000 mile check-up/tune-up done and they said everything was fine. When I bought the car, had only one previous owner as well. Brakes could be better though. All in all, not a bad car. I have had worse.
It's a nice car
2001 saturn runs excellant.. no problems.
Good car for around town: Good size, very maneuverable, no dings in parking lots, and good mileage. The 4 cylinder could use a little more power. Upper brake lights burned out, but I easily replaced. One broken air conditioning line (probably hit by road debris), and catalytic converter went bad. Dealer replaced converter at no charge at 45,000 miles. Overall rating: 4.375 out of 5