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Saturn SL (11 Reviews)
I like my car but it is giving some driving. Trouble. Right now. And it only has 138400km on it and has developed a hesitating. and astumble. In it. If I could get it fixed I would like it again
What would make car idle too high then real low and cut off then its real hard to crank,almost like its getting too much gas of not enough,keeps sputtering and not going then cuts off
My car won't stay started could it be water or something in my tank.
the gas is not getting up to the front.
Best car ever owned!! Bought my car new with only 1 mile on the odometer. Even being 6'3 300+LBS I fit comfortably. Anyways I now have 211,000 miles and up until today all I've ever done is routine oil changes brakes and tires. Radiator finally gave out and had to replace the EGR valve. Even my mechanic was impressed. The only thing I can complain about is I wont be able to buy another when my car finally does stop going thanks to Saturn shutting its doors.
111,000 Miles. Bought New.
Three set's of tires,two mufflers,one Radiator fan motor,1 gas tank strap,two brake jobs with new front rotors,one Idle control module,Rear brake lines replaced,one idler arm bushing,one fan belt,three Batteries,one used A.C.Compressor! Needs: New Power steering pump. Main shaft seal leaking oil onto fan belt destroying the new belt. Automatic seat belt relay switch under rear of console needs to be hit with fist to activate. Ignition key assembly wearing out. Not much power going up hills, sometimes have to go to passing gear. But with almost forty (40 MPG) with a light foot under 50MPH. I'll try to get another 50K from it.
while driving this car it started to shake then got home and turned it off. I now will turn the key on and no power no lights nothing like if there was no battery on the car and the battery is new try jumping it bus no power nothing comes on. can anyone help. Thank you
i love the car i just wish it wasn't so low ground its hard for my husband thats 6 ft tall to get in and out
For the past 8 years it has performed great-always starts on the first crank. Great gas mileage. There is alot of road noise. Stereo/CD player has good sound. Comfortable ride but does sit low to the ground.
Parts replaced so far: Cooling Fan (90k), Tires twice (first set lasted 5 years!) Brakes twice, steering fluid, brake fluid, oil plug (striped over time) and Spark plugs twice (first time I installed wrong ones, always change with the manual's suggestion part #). Great reliable car.
Not as good as my 97SL2 but . . .outside of normal maintenance, intake gasket-84K; radiator/water pump-115k and complete suspension from coils to struts-101k. $2500 for 120k miles still pretty good
270K miles on "Goldie" outside of normal maintenance, nothing until 180K-AC replaced & Radiator replaced; 190K lower control arms and the 250K transmission. So let's see - about $2400 over 12 years, not to bad.
Had to get the head gasket replaced on mine due to leaking oil, but otherwise a great, reliable car - even in snow.