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Saturn Ion (17 Reviews)
Have only had this car for two months and already hate it. The engine sucks having problems everyday that other Saturn ion owners have. I can't wait to get rid of it. The only thing I like is the interior.
I absolutely love my Saturn Ion. It's 8 1/2 years old now and has 63,000 miles on it. Wonderful in the Ohio snow. Hugs curves. Comfortable on long trips. But the best part, for me, is how it climbs the mountains in North Carolina and Arkansas. No lagging at all. A burst of speed and we're at the top of the mountain! This is my 3rd Saturn, and the best of the bunch. Am so terribly sorry that it will have to be my last. There is nothing out there to beat my Ion in looks, performance and reliability. Going to hang on to it as long as possible. Routine maintenance will, hopefully, keep it going for a long, long time.
I too have a 2007 Saturn ION and this is actually my 3rd Saturn. I've been very pleased with my cars, never had any trouble with my car. Routine mainentance is the key to maintaining any car I think. Maybe that's why my car is running so well. It's already got 87,000 miles on it too!
My check engine light has been coming on in my 2007 Saturn Ion since we bought it in 2007. I can't begin to count the times it's been in the shop. They have put four gas pedals in and rewired it and it's still doing it. When Onstar pulls the code, it says it's the throttle. They don't know what else to do with it and of coarse my warranty is up. GM has been notified and has offered NO HELP! The lemon law firm was going to take my case and GM scared them off. This is ridiculous! There should be better laws protecting buyers! I will NEVER own another GM again! This is a dangerous problem and GM is going to be sorry if this problems results in an accident. When the engine lights come on it goes to reduced power mode and you lose half the power and can't accelerate. Saturn had my car last summer more than I did. I can't wait to pay this off and buy something other than a GM. If this is how GM treats their customers than no thanks!!!
OK I have had my Saturn Ion for 4 years its a 2007. I have had issues with the engine like crazy for 2 years now I have had the thing in and out of the shop. The check engine light comes on and stays on for weeks then will go off for weeks. At first thought it was the gas cap(cause GM doesnt make good gas caps) Well that was not it. Had the complete engine checked over and they fixed the cylinders and wires and coils. Now a year later it is in the shop again for misfiring and its the coil (we hope) The exhaust is horrible stinks to high heaven. The transmission kicks so hard you think you were hit or that u hit something. I dont think I will ever own another GM product. If you only care about the foo foo stuff then its body holds up well(its plastic and bounces back) Its interior is great lots of room and easy to haul most things. The radios suck. Trunk is nice size will carry alot. seat fold down very nice feature. The road noise is loud so it is pretty loud most times and if you have seats folded down it is horrible. If you go for a Saturn good luck to ya. I am paying this thing off asap and trading it in.
I've had my Ion 3 for over 8 years & put over 115k miles on it. it was the first new car I ever purchased & found it to be an excellent car!
I live in the North East & put the car through Central NY winter road salt & VT back roads.
I found it to have very good handling in the snow & at dodging between deer & guard rails. It had a tendency to be over powered & spin when leaving stops in icy conditions, but up-shifting to 2nd or 3rd to minimize power/torque worked every time.
It's has suffered through our DIY projects. Hauling lumber up to 10' & still closing the trunk, hundreds of pounds of bagged garden soil per trip, decorative concrete blocks, & 12 hour round trips with 2 great Danes in the back seat.
I've had the bulb burnout problem which seemed to be tied into the Recall with the power outlet/lighter electrical. One service call and it never happened again.
The original exhaust pipes lasted over 100k miles. My only complaint is that the front pipe includes the catalytic convertor. Leaving the weakest point (the flex joint) right next to the exhaust manifold when it decided to go.
I'm sad to see Saturn gone. I would have gladly bought one again when this one finally dies.
this is our second compaints at all.
I've had my Ion for seven years. In the beginning it was great, and I was excited to own my first car. I enjoyed the fact that the dashboard meters were located in the center dash as opposed to behind the wheel. I personally feel it makes it more visible and easier to keep track of your speed. For the majority of the car it worked from getting me to A to B, but if push came to shove and I had to get out of the way quickly the engine is not powerful enough for that quick acceleration.

Ever since day 1 I've had electrical problems which I've been told is related to the Sun Roof they put in. I constantly get the map lights to flicker on and off due to vibrations, all of which has never been fixed by the factory as "we could not duplicate the results." When it comes to the Heating and Air conditioning I will warn you that even when it is not turned on I still feel air/heat coming through the vents. Not quite sure how to explain that. The other gripe I have about it relates to the nozzles. When you want to change the direction of the flow it works great from design allowing you to swivel it in many different directions, but it does not have vents per say to close. When you try to close the valve by turning the nozzle sideways you will hear a loud whistling noise which is quite annoying.

On the other side of things it is very spacious and reasonably comfortable. It worked great for me while in college when constantly transporting stuff back and for, but for the long term I'm ready for something new. All in all it's a decent car nothing more nothing less.
presently having problems with suspected 2 front struts/assembly. diagnosed with leaking struts on both sides . Also, A/C warms when braking and vehicle shakes some when braking car.
Ive had my Saturn for about 5yrs now & all is well. However when my clutch went out a couple of weeks ago the dealership quoted me a price of $2100.00!!! (I know right) But i must say that this is the only time my vehicle has been in the shop so i guess i cant complain too much....right?? I wonder if this because the car is 6yrs old or if transmission problems is just another you have 2 deal with when purchasing a manual.
I bought a 2004 Saturn in 07. It had 48,000 miles on it and seemed to run fine.. until it got cold...or cool anyway. If the wind was blowing and it was a little cold, it would take about 20 tries for my car to start in the morning. What's really odd is, I had about 6 inches of snow on my car and it started right up! I have taken it to 2 different mechanics and they can't figure it out. Also, the turn signal keeps burning out and now that I kept replacing the bulb, the contacts that touch the bulb itself has burned in half. My inspection is due and now that Saturn is going under, I have to search for a mechanic that even works on Saturns and wait for the part to come in. Am really sick of this car. I had a Ford Probe for over 10 years and it NEVER gave me problems. I have this one not even 3 years and I'm already ready to get rid of it. Saturns are pieces of crap and I will NEVER buy one again nor will I recommend anyone else buy one.
I have had my Ion for six years. In the begining it was great. I loved. I even named it. But once you move to a place with harsh winters, the love is gone. I have had nothing but problems with the transmission. I have a manuel. I learned how to drive with a stick shift and have never driven anything else. So I know what I'm doing. in the last two years, I ha replaced the clutch, the clutch pedal had to be replaced because the plastic mechanism wore down and my clutch failed while I was driving on a busy street, and now the clutch won't disengage and my engine lift keeps coming on sporatically. Saturn wants to charge me $2k for the repairs and tries to make it seem like it's my fault. I was going to just sell it under value and not worry about fixing it. But now it is undriveable and everytime I come to a complete stop it stalls out, even though my clutch is all the way in. Oh and the slave cylinder needs to be replace, which means that when I could drive it I had to shift gears with two hands because it was so difficult to get the gear into place. Talk about dangerous. The demise of my car is devestating, especially since I took such good care of it. All the maitenance was done on time and usually early. I am so disapponted.
The size of the cars is nice, the interior is 'roomie' enough and the instrument panel is displayed nicely. Some of the body panels inside seem a bit flimsy, a couple of things have fallen off inside and need repairing, nothing major - but, a nuissance. The electrical system is unbelievably faulty. Neither power outlets work anymore; the power-steering keeps switching off (I can reset it by quickly turning the car off and on again); the check engine light comes on randomly ... I've had the car in for repairs several times and to no avail. The problems will subside for a while, but, reappear after a while. It wouldn't be much more thab a headache if it were still under a warranty - without a warranty, it has cost a bundle already. This car is a safety hazaerd, but, I can't afford a new one at this point.
OK-If you have not ran into the problem with your car dash lights all working and everything seems fine,but it will not start or even sound like it will start,then you will,it's winter and that is when GM'S ignition screwup starts acting up. Google saturn white wire and saturn stabiliser bars/sway bars. Fix this stuff now and you won't regret it. I on the other hand,did not fix the white wire problem last winter and guess what IT'S BACKKKKKKK! I fixed it 2 days ago after my wife called and told me it was doing it again just like last winter. Change out the stabiliser bars/sway bars because they have cheap junk bushings on the ends that wear out in no time and makes your front end sound like it's falling apart.
So far, we have had a great experience with our Ion. The interior was made with cheaper materials and quality. Our radio display has "spazed out" with the lights acting like strobe lights. Fuel mileage has been 28-29 at best, but we live in a warmer climate so that has a factor. Its a fun and safe car that we overall enjoy having.
My wife drives the car and loves it.Every so often I take it on the turnpike to blow it out. It runs fine and gets very good gas mileage for that four cylinder engine.
I love the center-mounted instrument panel. The car accelerates much faster than you would expect.

I haven't had any major problems - just a strange noise with the cabin fan, and the compass on my rearview mirror broke after about 5 years, though the thermometer still functions properly.